Robin’s World

Hi! My name is Robin, and I’m the really cute black and white tuxedo kitty pictured here!  The other pictures are my brothers & my sisters.

I am a special needs kitty. When I was just one I decided to celebrate my birthday by running in the road in front of my house, and I was hit by a car. I spent three weeks in the hospital, and no one was sure I'd ever come home. As you can see, I did survive!
I came home with a feeding tube, unable to see well or take care of myself. My mommy and daddy took very good care of me, and my siblings helped me to relearn how to do almost everything a normal kitty does. I even learned how to purr again after 10 years!. 
My accident was 15 years ago, but amazingly I am still getting better each year. My original brothers and sisters are gone now and I miss them, but I still learn new things from my new sisters Lulu and Gracie.
I want to thank you for shopping in my mommy's store and for taking the time to look at my page and read my story. I hope you like all the pictures I picked for my page – I’ll change them as often as I can – Mommy does not let me on the computer very often! See you here again soon!
- Robin
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